2012-09-23 10:17:10 by TylerThrasherArt

Sooooooo I am pretty jazzed right now. I just got in contact with Image Line- the makers of FL Studio, and they informed me that they would love to support my and art music and my art shows! This even includes my animations for my degree at Missouri State University. Kinda freain' awesome!
anyways...that made me feel like I'm taking a step in the professional direction.

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New electronic music producer and illustrator

2012-06-13 19:53:59 by TylerThrasherArt

Hey everyone!,

My name is Tyler Thrasher and I am an electronic music producer and illustrator!
I decided to come to NewGrounds because I have been informed by tons of people of the supportive
community here! I am extremely excited to share my work and projects with you all and receive feedback!
As an artist, I appreciate comments and criticisms, and I would love to check out anybody's work!